Rebel Vintage Leather Jacket

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The supple material, made to give the coat an almost suede feel, will keep you warm, yet refrain from causing stuffiness or discomfort when the weather turns more favorable. Lined combination of a cuddlesome-feeling checked pattern and cotton fabric, this soft and velvety coat boasts two outer pockets and two pockets, one zip and the other button fasten, inside. Never again experience the irritation of having too many things to carry, yet not enough pockets to hold them in! Easy-glide-zip fastened and with stud fastening front closure. The collar may be worn on end or folded down, depending on your personal taste.

  • Premium grade calf leather with vintage suede touch that gets better with use
  • Lining is made from 100% cotton with red and black tartan fabric giving it a unique look and poly-taffeta in sleeves
  • Double flap front closure with main zip closure and overlapping Snap flap closure
  • Lining pockets on both sides of the jacket and a separate pocket to hold electronics or other valuables
  • Hand waxed to preserve vintage look of the jacket